Dirty Dancing (12)

Dirty Dancing (12)

The movie revolves around 17-year-old ‘Baby’ finding herself and her dance capabilities whilst on vacation with her parents. She meets bad boy, 25-year old Johnny who is a dance teacher at the resort she is staying at, and the two quickly form an attraction. Johnny and Baby then go on to become dance partners, when she takes over the role of his previous partner Penny, who has gotten pregnant. The movie revolves around the obstacles the two have to face in order to prove their love to Baby’s parents and also continue their passion for dancing.

The movie has become a cult classic through the years, and catapulted Grey and Swayze into global superstars. It took in over $214 million at the box office and the infamous title song, ‘I’ve had the Time of My Life’, went on to win a Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award.


  • Johnny Castle - Patrick Swayze
  • Baby Houseman - Jennifer Grey
  • Jake Houseman - Jerry Orbach
  • Penny Johnson - Cyntia Rhodes

 Director: Emile Ardolino

 Worldwide Box Office: $214.58 million

 TriviaPatrick Swayze insisted on doing his stunts. During the log scene, he kept on falling off the log and injured his knee so badly he had to have fluid drained from the swelling.

The song "She's Like The Wind" was co-written by Patrick Swayze with Stacy Widelitz and sung by Patrick Swayze.

Jennifer Grey, at twenty-seven, was eight years older than the character of Baby. During her audition, she had five minutes to prove she could play younger and had the moves for the role.

Awards and Nomination: Oscar Winner 1998 for Best Music, Original Song,  Golden Globes Winner 1998 for Best Original Song - Motion Picture

Lulu's verdict: Who does'nt want to watch this movie on the big screen. It has everything drama, romance, thrills, sexy dancing and one of the greatest sound tracks of all time. The film that truly launched Patrick Swayze into the A list, I defy anyone not to have the time of their lives with this film.

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