Grease Sing-A-Long (PG)

Grease Sing-A-Long (PG)

With the sun-kissed summer of 1958 nearing its end, Danny, a sweet American boy, and Sandy, a straight-laced Aussie girl, exchange vows of everlasting devotion and part ways, seemingly forever. However, an unexpected change of plans reunites the young dreamers at the bustling Rydell High for the new term; only, this year, something has changed. As once-cute Danny turns into the cocky leader of the riotous T-Birds greaser gang, having no choice but to maintain his hard-earned reputation in front of his friends and classmates, nothing can prepare him for second first impressions. Because The Pink Ladies, Rydell's high-spirited all-girl band of lipstick rebels, have planned a big surprise for the leather-clad Casanova. Is a radical transformation the only way to win Danny back?

Director: Randal Kleiser

Starring: Olivia Newton John (Sandy), John Travolta (Danny).

Woldwide Box Office: $396,271,103

Awards & Nominations: 

Lulus verdict: The original and still arguably the best summer musical movie experience. See it as it was made to be seen outside on a hot summers evening, grab your T birds or your pink ladies and come down to the hippest Friday night drive in movie show. A testament to the film still going strong 45 years later with a massive following.

Event Information

Event Date 26-07-2024 9:00 pm
Cut Off Date 26-07-2024 5:00 pm
Capacity 120
Available Place 72
Individual Price £5.00
Location The Crown Inn and Restaurant
Categories General Viewing (PG)

Venue Information - The Crown Inn and Restaurant

Set in the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside, The Crown is a highly rated village pub and restaurant.

When we host outdoor cinema events, we have our own grounds and make it a truly magical event for all the family!

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